Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands Preorder & Release Date

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands Preorder & Release Date

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The next set for Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands has been confirmed to release in  Local Game Stores on February 23, 2024!

This next set will include 2 starter decks, an Illumineer’s Trove, a Gift Set and your standard booster packs. Accessories wise, we get 2 designs each for deck boxes, sleeves and playmats.

The 2 Starter Decks for Into the Inklands are Amber / Emerald and Ruby / Sapphire. The Amber / Emerald Starter Decks have Pongo and Peter Pan featured on the cover, while Ruby / Sapphire have Moana and Scrooge featured.

The booster packs also feature artwork of Jafar, Piglet and Mickey Mouse, while Tinker Bell and Pongo are featured on the booster box.

Over 200 new cards are confirmed for Into the Inklands. Aside from the new artwork adorning the product packaging and accessories, new characters are also confirmed including Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales and Kit from TaleSpin.

Jim Hawkins and the crew from Treasure Planet will also been confirmed to finally make their debut in Disney Lorcana for the first time, along with Disney’s Pluto and 101 Dalmatian’s Perdita.

Into the Inklands will also feature a brand new card type, Location cards! Your team of glimmers will now be able to visit famous locations, including Maleficent’s Castle (shown above), Motunui from Moana and the Jolly Roger from Peter Pan. Currently we only have Forbidden Mountain – Maleficent’s Castle revealed.

Ravensburger has stated that each location will work differently, with some having bonuses just for being in play, while others will require your characters to move to these locations.


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