Disney Lorcana League Starts Sept. 9th!

Disney Lorcana League Starts Sept. 9th!

When: Every Saturday from 2pm-6pm
Entry: $10

Starter decks will be used for the beginning of the league and the entry fee covers a booster pack upon each rounds entry. The booster pack can be used to bolster your starter deck! Each players deck will be held at the store until the end of the season or unless a player wants to drop from the league.

The first season is 12 weeks long. Each League round is 4 weeks long with prizes awarded at the end of each league round.

Each week we will play casual games and other Lorcana related activities to earn league points. We will track points with the Lorcana League poster. At the end of each 4 week round we will award promos and pins.

How to earn league points:
Sign up for a League round 1 point
Win a match 2 points
Lose a match 1 point
Teach someone to play Lorcana in store at league 2 points
Bring someone new to play in the league 1 point

Prizes awarded at the end of each League Round (4 weeks) 3 total League Rounds for the Season

(League Round Prizing)
Mickey Mouse Detective Promos
HeiHei Boat Snack Promos
Yzma Alchemist Promos
Scar Fiery Usurper Pins
Ariel Whoseit Collector Pins
(Season Prizing)
Disney Lorcana Logo Pins
Lore Counters
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