Sept. 16th - One Piece [Kingdoms of Intrigue Pre Release]

Sept. 16th - One Piece [Kingdoms of Intrigue Pre Release]

Join us on September 16th for the newest set of One Piece TCG and experience the card before the release date!

Date: Saturday Sept. 16th
Time: 6:00pm
Entry: $29.99 

Experience the fun of sealed format! In sealed format, players each open a set number of booster packs from specified sets, and build their decks using only the cards they open. Unlike standard play, you can ignore the normal deck building color restrictions based on your leader and can include cards of any colour in your deck, and there are additional special rules for deck building.

Each player will get 6 Packs
You may bring your own leader (including those from previous sets) to use in the event.
Please bring 10x DON!! Cards to participate in the event.

Deck Construction Rules After opening 6 packs, players build a 40-card deck, and a 10 DON!! card deck. There are no banned or restricted cards, and players can include as many copies of cards with the same card number as they like. (There is no 4-card limit and 5 or more copies of a card with the same card number can be included in decks.) Any cards left over from deck construction are treated as sideboard cards.
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