Lorcana League: Starting 1/06/2024

Lorcana League: Starting 1/06/2024

Recurs: Weekly on Saturdays
Times: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Initial Entry Cost : $20 (Cost of a Starter Deck included)
Weekly Entry Cost: $10/player 

Participants Receive: A Disney Lorcana booster pack of their choice, either The First Chapter or Rise of the Floodborn to add to their starter deck each week. Decks will stay at the store until the end of the league season or upon a request to exit the league.

Disney Lorcana League is a weekly fun and friendly way for Illumineers (that's you) to play, trade, and collect Disney Lorcana.

League experience emphasizes fun and community over competition and winning, and new players are always welcome! Learning the game is relatively easy, and we're happy to teach this wonderful game to newcomers of all reading ages.

Players will earn Lorcana League points (represented by stickers on our League Roster) by...
• Signing their name on our League Roster (1pt)
• Playing a game of Disney Lorcana (1pt)
• Winning a game of Disney Lorcana (1pt)
• Teaching someone how to play Disney Lorcana in the store (2pt)
• Bring someone new to play in the League (1pt)
• Wear something with a favorite animated Disney character (1pt)

Weekly Promos & Prizes (Must be present to WIN)
Every week we will award the following promo cards & pins after adding weekly scores to the League Roster:
• Minnie Mouse, Wide-Eyed Diver promo cards
• Bucky, Squirrel Squeak Tutor promo cards
• Robin Hood, Capable Fighter promo cards
• Winnie the Pooh, Hunny Wizard promo pin 
• Rapunzel, Gifted Artist promo pin 

More prizing available based on attendance.

Must participate in at least two full rounds of the league for season end tournament*
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