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Antiquity Quest

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  • NEW SPIN ON A CLASSIC GAME: Antiquity Quest is a re-imagined take on the classic card game Hand and Foot, but with more gameplay, strategy and enticing artwork. In this fantasy game, players are aspiring archaeologists who travel the world in order to discover artifacts from ancient civilizations to add to their collections. At the end of the game, whichever player has the most flawless collection of priceless antiquities and treasures earns the most prestige and wins!
  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: It doesn’t matter whether you are 10 years old or 100 years old; Grandpa Beck’s Games are designed to be enjoyed by all ages! Antiquity Quest is a fast-paced card game that inspires playful competition, and helps create lasting bonds and memories. The foremost objective, however, is to have fun! Regardless of the occasion - date night or game night with family and friends - this game is guaranteed to be a winner. It's ideal for 2-6 individual players or 2-4 pairs of players.
  • EASY TO LEARN & PLAY: The goal of Antiquity Quest is to assemble the most prestigious collection of priceless antiquities and treasures, while competitors aim to foil your efforts by adding incompatible items to it. The more challenging a collection is to build, the more it is worth. The refreshingly simple rules are explained clearly and concisely in the rule book, so you can get the fun started right away!
  • IT’S ABOUT MORE THAN LUCK: Luck is only a minor part of the winning equation in Antiquity Quest. As one of Grandpa Beck's most skill-based games, Antiquity Quest involves meticulous planning, brilliant strategy and logic. The nuanced facets of the game will enthrall players with creative and tactical minds. Unlike many board games - which require little to no reasoning and operate on the roll of the dice - this game will require you to think outside the box to come out on top.
  • GRANDPA BECK KNOWS BEST: When it comes to family fun, no one understands better than Grandpa! Brent and Tauni - aka Grandma and Grandpa Beck - created this card game in the same way they've created all their games: by sitting around the kitchen table with their 5 kids and their spouses, and their 17 grandkids. They've enjoyed a lifetime of fun and games with their family and loved ones, and are on a mission with every game they dream up to pass the good times on to you!