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Carcassonne Abbey & Mayor Board Game EXPANSION 5

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  • THIS IS A CARCASSONNE BOARD GAME EXPANSION: You will need Carcassonne Base Game in order to play with this expansion.
  • STRATEGY GAME - PLAN YOUR WAY TO VICTORY: Develop the landscape of a medieval fortress city one tile at a time. Whether blocking a city's growth or connecting with your opponent’s road to share the points, Carcassonne provides plenty of ways to use your cunning and outsmart your opponents.
  • NUMEROUS NEW OPPORTUNITIES: This expansion gives players even more gameplay options with 12 new land tiles and mayor, wagon, and barn pieces for each player. Control cities with a mayor piece or enhance the value of your field with a barn piece. The variety of tiles and pieces creates numerous opportunities to employ cunning strategies to outwit opponents.
  • NEW ELEMENTS IN THIS EXPANSION: With a new tile type and three new pieces, you can devise new ways to get the most out of each piece. Played on their own with the base game or combined with other Carcassonne expansions, Abbey & Mayor provides plenty of new paths to victory.
  • THIS EXPANSION OFFERS INCREASED REPLAYABILITY: With its simple yet rich game mechanics and its numerous game combination possibilities, Carcassonne appeals to beginners and veteran gamers alike. LOOKING FOR NEW ADVENTURES? Try our many expansions (Note: Expansions require Carcassonne Base Game to play). Average Playtime: 45 minutes.