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Everyday Heroes RPG: Highlander Cinematic Adventure

Everyday Heroes RPG: Highlander Cinematic Adventure

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Jump into the world of the Highlander to live your immortal life throughout the ages. Engage in epic duels, find your footing as one who lives for centuries among mere mortals, and solve mysteries that have haunted you for all time. In the world of Highlander, you can play characters as old as recorded history, or as fresh as their recent death in modern times—from feudal peasant, monk, or trader, to Aztec warrior, Japanese samurai, or any other type of historical figure you find appealing. And of course, the Highlands clansman is an option as well, so you can officially become a member of the Clan MacLeod. Highlights of the Highlander Cinematic Adventure include:

  • A wealth of lore about the world of the film
  • New tools and guidance for game masters
  • New Classes such as the Brutal Warrior, Graceful Warrior, and the Strategist
  • New Backgrounds such as Aztec Warrior
  • New Professions such as Medieval Executioner
  • New Rules mechanics for 1-on-1 duels
  • Includes an adventure called A Measure of Revenge

Highlander is a  TTRPG Cinematic Adventure™ that’s 5e compatible, officially licensed, set in the world of the film and designed for use with the Everyday Heroes™ Roleplaying Game. You need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this book.

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